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Veneziana : Tights, Pantyhose, Leggins, Stockings and more


To have a sexy look and to give a magnificent vision of the curves of your legs is the Veneziana knowledge with the most beautiful stockings and tights of the market. Seduce with your legs with an Italian know-how, which suggests this subtlety that your admirers will love and especially all those unknown admirers of your legs wearing magnificent tights that will remain only crossed strangers, exchanged smiles and or why not... To be a modern woman is to be a woman with stockings and tights Veneziana, who has the courage to show her true identity in terms of sex appeal. Your face will be that of a woman who can wear the entire Veneziana sexy tights collection and bring out the best of the sensual and sexy in you and make you even more attractive.

Collants Veneziana RETE JAPANESE

Veneziana, Sexy stockings and tights of "Made in Italy" quality 


Clary Sydney
10 rue E Zola
4 Le clair Matin
26800 Portes les Valence
Phone : 09 81 84 45 42
Schedules : 8:00 - 20:00
SIRET 90951515700016