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Veneziana : Tights, Pantyhose, Leggins, Stockings and more

Absolute luxury on your skin with Veneziana : Tights, Pantyhose, Leggins, Stockings and more

Be inspired by the latest fashion looks with people wearing around you.Veneziana.pro offers a gorgeous range of stockings, pantyhose, tights and even socks for you to create your own individual style and fashion. Made with the most precious yarns, nylon, microfiber, lycra according with the elegant and seductive Veneziana style. Its design makes you wonderful and looks special making every woman beautiful, sexy and stylish. Veneziana.pro collection gives a chance in creating a woman to feel confident and sophisticated about herself and her body. It is also the best way for a woman to say that she wishes to spend quality time and enjoy her partner’s company. Visit us to find your sexier new you, if you have question dial our number and we are willing to help you. At Veneziana.pro woman becomes sexier.
Clary Sydney France
Clary sydney
7 rue des lilas
59127 Walincourt Selvigny
Phone : 09 70 46 50 60
Schedules : 15:00 - 19:00
SIRET 81466550100015-SAS au capital de 2 000€